Integrated Approach

Realized value for our partners is created at the intersection of three core assets

At AcuFast, we understand that success in today's competitive marketplace requires more than just genetics. That's why we've integrated our core assets - our genetic portfolio, technology platform, and commercial measurement system - to create a unique and powerful synergy that you won't find anywhere else in the industry. With our integrated approach, you'll unlock the full potential of your operation, and gain a competitive advantage that will help you stay ahead of the curve.




The Enabler

Technology Platform

A Synergistic Technology Platform that ensures nucleus genetic gain is rapidly delivered to the commercial level.

We are proud to advance our industry with groundbreaking genetic and reproductive solutions that will make a difference for producers and their businesses. We continue expanding technology tools through reproductive and sexing technologies to disseminates genes faster.

Gender Sorted Sperm

STgenetics® is the pioneer of sex-sorted sperm, and through our relationship, AcuFast™ is leading the swine industry in this technology. The sorting process is highly accurate and well proven, with the technical principles based on the DNA differences between X- and Y-bearing sperm cells. Our partners benefit from this technology at all levels of production.


AcuFast™ genotypes all animals raised in the nucleus using a proprietary and customized panel developed in partnership with Genetic Visions™. A customized genotyping panel allows us to make more accurate selections of superior animals at the nucleus levels, increasing the rate of genetic gains.


We continually invest in and discover economically important phenotypes – a set of observable characteristics of a pig that result from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. Genetic markers and equations are of little value without accurate phenotypes being measured on the farm.

New Discoveries

AcuFast™ invests heavily in the discovery of novel innovations, research, and development. We are constantly developing and refining reproductive technologies, such as novel catheters for low-dose deep uterine insemination or investigating the application of laparoscopic inseminations at scale. These insemination techniques enable the use of sex-sorted sperm.

The Difference

Commercial Measurement

A Commercial Measurement System that supports genetic decisions that enable true value realization.

Validating the genetic potential of our genetic offerings through our industry-leading Commercial Test Herd provides risk mitigation on genetic selection aligned with individual customer production goals.

The Commercial Test Herd

Our Commercial Test Herd is what makes the difference for of our genetic offering. Our test herd analyzes the true genetic potential of a selected sire’s progeny to ensure predictable performance. We replicate this process with each sire in a commercial environment, intentionally introducing real-world variables, assuring the only difference in output is the true genetic potential of the animal.

First, we select sires at the nucleus level. Then we test those sires to confirm performance potential in a simulated commercial production environment. We utilize rigorously designed technology and management processes to remove environmental bias from data collected to validate that demonstrated results are true genetic differentiators.

The Core

Genetic Resources

A Genetic Resource Portfolio consisting of leading GGP populations.

We’re multiplying the gene pool and the genetic offering with access to a broader resource base for better genetic solutions.