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Welcome to AcuFast™. From our roots as North American veterinarians and producers, we are a leading team of scientists dedicated to customer success. We are passionate about transforming the pork industry, enabling our partners to succeed, and empowering our people to drive progress toward efficiency and sustainability.

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We are leading a global transformation in the production of moreefficient, healthy, and environmentally responsible pork.

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Promote Excellence

We work and partner with those who strive to do more and be great. In our pursuit of creating a healthy and more efficient pork supply, we do not sit idle. We are restless, and so are our partners.

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Purposeful Innovation

We empower our people to bring disruptive technologies to market quicker than anyone else. We deliver possibility into the hands that matter.

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Prioritize Respect

We believe respect is fundamental to the success of any business. We respect our people, our partners, our pigs and our planet.

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Driven by Integrity

We are passionate about doing the right thing. That means being committed to building and growing relationships through honest and trustworthy interactions. We hold ourselves accountable and are an ethical ally.